The historical inhabitants of Holland, the Batavians, called their habitats Holland, that meant woodland. (Compare Saxon: Holtland and German: Holzland). This name they took also with them to the former (older) county Rhineland. There they mingled with the Caninefates and Frisians. Together they became the Hollanders. In the course of history the counties Zeeland, Holland and West Frisia gradually became one economically area. Important decisions and laws were signed by the “States of Hollandia, Sealandia and Western Frisia”! Although they remained formally separate states they usually chose the same stadhouders.

After the review of the provincial divisions the former old “Holland” was divided into two provinces: Northern-Holland (the northern district of old Holland together with West-Frisia) and Southern-Holland (the other three parts of the old Holland). Further South-Holland lost some areas to her surrounding provinces. (In the protest anthem of Holland “We want to keep Holland” sounds a little bit of that sadness). That provincial reclassification was considered necessary to reduce the power and the dominance of Holland. (For More about Holland read: Holland South-Holland).


The province of Noord-Holland
The province borders to the north by the province of Friesland (the island of Vlieland), in the northeast to the Wadden Sea, to the east to the IJsselmeer and in the southeast to the province of Utrecht. In the south of the province of South-Holland and in the west to the North Sea. The provincial capital is Haarlem. Also locared in this province is Amsterdam, the capital of the kingdom of the Netherlands.
The population density is 1017 inhab. / km2

Vlag Noord-Holland

.                     Provincial coat of arms                     Provincial flag

The provincial arms are made up of the arms of Holland (heraldic right) and the arms of Frisia (left). The colors of the flag are taken from the arms (the respectively golden lions and red lions and their fields).

Broadcast: North-Holland: Radio N-H &  TV N-H & last news & Teletekst.
North-Holland in a birds eye & the weather & weather warnings in Northern-Holland.
Provincial gouvernement & Staten (parliament) of North-Holland.
Tourisme in North-Holland.

Anthem of North-Holland (in Dutch).

North-Holland, i love the green of your lawn,

the black, white and red of your cows.
Your fields withf windmills adorn the May
when all the bulbs start to bloom.
The silver light colored sky above the land,
and the salty, sea air blown oover your beach.
For the white of the clouds in heavenly blue:
North-Holland, my Holland, how I love you!

North-Holland, I love your delicious Gooi,
your beautiful Kennemer countryside.
Your lakes and wide channels so beautiful,
are mirrors of your wetland life.
And I seeing your polders, wrested from the sea,
now there waves the golden grain to us.
The cow parsley veils decorates your dike:
North-Holland, my Holland, you’re so rich!

North-Holland, I see your historic splendor,

kept in your numerous cities.
You houses testify toughness and strength,
and so rich is your great past.
A nation where one trusts each other,
and that builds every day on its future.
Each of us gives to you our heart:
thus you are Holland, my Holland, my county!

The province of North-Holland arose when the Kingdom of the Netherlands was formed. Before that time the States of Holland formed a fairly close alliance with Sealand and West Frisia. As a result, there was in the States General a majority of other provinces wanting to end that. So the province of Holland had to be made smaller. One of the measures was that the northern “quarter” (of Holland) was merged with West-Frisia into a whole new province “North-Holland”. The Wadden islands were all initially attached to the province of Frisia. The island of Texel, was later again attached to North-Holland. Also some border adjustments were made to the rest of the old county of Holland and what was left became the new province of South-Holland.
So the older history of South-Holland and of the southern part of North-Holland is the history of old Holland. The old history of the northern part of North-Holland (West-Frisia) is equal to the old Frisian history.

West-Frisian Anthem / West-Frisian songs:
Ode aan West-Friesland & Lied van West-Friesland & Naar Wieringen.

Amsterdam, in Jiddish: מקום = groot Mokum (grote stad):
Groot Mokum & Joodse liederen & Amsterdam huilt & Oh zwarte zigeuner & Aan de Amsterdamse grachten & Big city & the Maid of Amsterdam.

Dansen in de Jordaan & straatdans.

concerts: Prinsengracht concert 2014 / Concertgebouw Orkest.

Webcam op de Dam & Panorama’s van Amsterdam & city-flim Amsterdam.

Amsterdam radiostations:
Mokumradio     RaZo     Caribean     WereldFM     StadsFM    Salto 1     Salto 2   Concertzender

Amsterdamse TV-stations:
Salto 1      Salto 2      AT5

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