We are well aware of the fact that there are quite a few websites about the Netherlands that are created for foreigners. Despite this, we decided to make another one, in the hope it be will more interesting and a little bit different from the others.

There are some reasons for it. 

First of all – we want the story of the Netherlands to be told by native Dutchmen so by Netherlanders (if possible), so it is not a “Holland by a foreigner” tale but a  “Holland by a Dutchman” one. That is something else! So, from this website one may learn some-thing new and better penetrate into the Dutch soul. 

SecondHolandia bez tajemnic (The Netherlands without secrets) is the twin sister of Polen voor Nederlanders (Poland for Dutchmen). Here you will also find some infor-mation about the country and such sections as History and the History of the colonies. Contrary to appearances, there is not much information in the Polish language about the history of the Netherlands, and especially not about the Dutch ex-colonies.

Third – We also tried to enrich the story with some film archives and video clips, making it much more attractive and so more appealing to a more contemporary audience. We do not intend to compete with other websites with current information and news. We want to be just an interesting “book” that will allow its reader to understand the  polderman” better. 

Fourth – We also search for what could unite Poland and the Netherlands, all our work serves one important purpose – to understand each other and to like each other. The Dutch are definitely worth it!

Photo: Eppo W. Notenboom

So feel invited!

Renata and Han (February 2013)

Visit also Polen voor Nederlanders (since July 2020 there is a new domain:

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