Holland was a very unique country on the map of Europe, its history is very  interesting, stormy and … surprising, how the richest state of 17th century Europe survived a deep fall, after which it had to find twice new ideas for its existence and for its future. But also why it, after so many centuries of being a succesfull republic, turned into a monarchy? About this and and other facts one can read in this chapter.


Painting: Dutch ships ramming Spanish Galleys off the Flemish Coast in October 1602, Hendrick Cornelisz

An overview of the Koninklijke Marine.
The Koninklijke Landmacht is 200 year “Royal”.
An overzicht of the Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger.

200 year a kingdom: trooping the colours by the armed forces.
The armed forces trooping the colours to a new king.
The Nederlandse Graven Stichting.


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