Radio- and TV-stations.

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Little bit of history:
* Hans Henricus Schotanus à Steringa Idzerda (Weidum, 26 September 1885 – The Hague, 3 November 1944), known as Hanso Idzerda, was a Dutch engineer and radio broadcaster pioneer. For the general public, from November 6, 1919, he provided the first ever radio broadcasts in the worldwide. (During the German occupation he was executed because of his participation in the resistance).

* In 1923 the Radio Stations in Kootwijk (Netherlands) and in Bandung (Indonesia) provided communication between the motherlands and (mainly) the “Dutch East Indies”.
There is still a Radio Bandung in Indonesia!)

* In 1927 started the POHI (Philips Omroep Holland Indië) in Naarden met uitzendingen voor Nederlands Indië.

* Radio Orange. After the German invasion, the Dutch government (in exile in England) established the station Radio Oranje in London. The first broadcast was July 28, 1940.

* Radio de Brandaris. From 1941 on there was some rebellious Radio de Brandaris that was added, on 31 October 1942, into Radio Oranje. The Brandaris was not a government organization and therefore spoke very clearly the language of ordinary dutch people. (The last Brandaris program – with interference by German radiosignals).

* RHN Immediately after the liberation of the southern provinces of the Netherlands, on oktober 3, 1944, the station Radio Herrijzend Nederland in Eindhoven (build by Philips) came into the air. A sign of hope to all Dutchmen!

* Radio Scheveningen (for the communication with dutch ships at sea) is no longer available (except for tourists). Memmories of a spark (= a radio-officer).

* BVN (the Best from the Netherlands, now the Best from Flanders and from the Netherlands) gives the repetitions of national Dutch-language TV programs from Flanders and also from the Netherlands. BVN came into being as a replacement for the formerly famous Radio Netherlands Worldwide, which was hit by austerity measures. (Radio Netherlands, World Broadcasting in Hilversum!).

National Nationwide Broadcasting:

National Radiostations:            National Televisionstations           National Teletext Gospel Radio (Radio Bloemendaal) sunday 09:00 – 21:00, tuesday 12:00 – 13:30 uur

Provincial Broadcasting:
Groningen (Radio-Noord)         Groningen (RTV Noord)               Teletext
Friesland (Radio Fryslân)         Friesland (Omrop Frislân-TV        Teletext
Drenthe (Radio Drenthe)          Drenthe (TV Drenthe)                   Teletext

Overijsel  (Radio-Oost)             Overijsel (TV-Oost)                       Teletext
Flevoland (Radio F)                  Flevoland (TV Flevoland)              Teletext? Gelderland (Radio GLD)           Gelderland (TV-GLD)                    Teletext        

Noord-Holland 1 (Radio N-H)    Noord-Holland 1 (TV N-H)            Teletekst?
Noord-Holland 2 (AT5)              Noord-Holland 2  (AT5)                 Teletext Utrecht (Radio M)                      Utrecht (RTV Utrecht)                   Teletext?                

Zuid-Holland 1 (Rijnmond)        Zuid-Holland 1 (TV Rijnmond)       Teletext
Zuid-Holland 2 (Radio West)    Zuid-Holland 2 (TV West)               Teletext? Zeeland (Z-Radio)                    Zeeland (Z-TV)                               Teletext

Brabant (Radio Brabant)           Brabant (B-TV)                              Teletext
Limburg (Radio L1)                   Limburg (L1-TV)                            Teletext


Neighbouring (Local radio)

Rijnmond:                                                                                                                        Krimpen a/d IJssel (LOK radio)       Capelle a/d IJssel (Radio Capelle)

Rijnland:                                                                                                                            Gouda (Gouwe stad)                       Nieuwerkerk (Zuidplas)?

Lopikerwaard:                                                                                                              Montfoort (Stad Montfoort)              Oudewater (Midland FM)?

Alblasserwaard:                                                                                                              Nieuw-Lekkerland (Klokradio)         Sliedrecht (Merwe Radio)
Ridderkerk (Radio)                          Ridderkerk (TV)

Dordrecht (Drechtstad FM)             Dordrecht (Dordrecht RTV)
Papendrecht (Papendrecht FM)     Papendrecht (Papendrecht TV)