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Marten Toonder
( Rotterdam 02-05-1912, † Laren 27-07-2005)

During World War II, he began to write comics with stories about Tom Poes and a noble lord Olivier B. Bommel. These comics were published in the newspapers of the under-ground resistance. In the first comic strip he told us that there was a remarkable country to the east of the Netherlands because, if high shoes were trown in to it, soldiers came out of it.
After the war, he continued to publish about that world alienated lord from Rommeldam and his practical boyfriend Tom Poes. Many children learned humor from this stories. In the studios of Marten Toonder, many old and new comics, later became cartoon movies. As an example of the way of telling, the (later) “refugee crisis” is cited.
Tom Poes: Als je begrijp wat ik bedoel, 1h17 min.                 Rob Houwer,   Dutch.
Tom Poes: The dragon that wasn’t (or was he?), 1h22 min.  Rob Houwer,   English.
Tom Poes: the refugee crisis,         ca. 9 min. pro part,  Adriaan Koreman,   Dutch.
compleet:  deel 1,     deel 2,      deel 3,      deel 4,      deel 5,       deel 6.       Dutch.
Alfred Leonardus (Alfred) Mazure
( Nijmegen, 08-09-1914, † Londen, 16-02-1974)
Mazure became known by his series of stripbooks about the private detective Dick Bos. He combats crime in a hard but fair way.
Hans Georg Kresse
( Amsterdam 03-12-1921, † Doorwerth 12-03-1992)
He published his first drawings in “de Verkenner”, in 1938, in the monthly leaflet of the scouts. Therein appeared his first story about Tarzan. In 1942 he became acquainted with Marten Toonder who had just begun stories about Tom Poes. This encounter gave him the courage to continue drawing.
During the war he was hidden in the Toonder Studios and, together with Toonder, he started the story of a Viking (Eric de Noorman). The first drawings were made in 1943 but it was impossible to publish them during the war. He also came into contact with Han van Gelder in these Toonder Studios. Together they made the story “by atomic rocket to mars”. Only after the war his stories were printed.
Eric de Noorman: Het stenen beeldje, 9:14 min.                                            Dutch.
Eric de Noorman: De dodenridders,   24:04 min.                                           Dutch.

Piet Kuhn full name: Pieter Joseph Kuhn
(☼ Amsterdam 22-05-1910, † Amsterdam 20-01-1966)


Evert Werkman
(☼ Hellendoorn 02-02-1915, † Amsterdam 25-07-1988)


Kapitein Rob: Avonturen,           13:39 min.                                                   Music.
Kapitein Rob: Op Skilge,            13:34 min.                                                   Dutch.

Jean Dulieu real name: Jan van Oort
(☼ Amsterdam 13-04-1921, † Arnhem 29-11-2006)

He was born as a son of the classical singer/componist Hendrik Christiaan van Oort and a grandson of the comic strip artist Johan van Braakensiek. He himself also liked music and found pleasure in drawing cartoon characters. After the high school he went to the Amsterdam Conservatory and got his degree in 1940. After that he became a violinist in the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam.

In the hunger winter of 1944, the orchestra was stopped so he had time to draw. He made twelve sketches of gnomes and let his wife choose one. She choise Paulus de bos-kabouter (Paul the Woodgnome).

The stories about Paul were published in the socialist daily newspaper “Het Vrije Volk” (de Free People) from 1946 to 1984 (a total of about 3600 strips for this paper only!).
After the war in 1946, he moved to Terschelling and resigned from the orchestra as he wanted engage himselve full-time in comic strips. In 1984, 63 years old, he stopped.

Paulus: Het huis van Joris,          4:28 min.                                                    Dutch.
Paulus: Sprookjes vertellen,      10:02 min.                                                    Dutch.

Leen Valkenier (made 1640 parts of the fabeltjeskrant)
( Rotterdam 19-03-1924, † Ibiza (Spanje) 01-03-2006)

Mijnheer de Uil: de schat,           12.32 min.  Chanowski Produktions b.v.     Dutch.
Mijnheer de Uil: Waar breng je ons naartoe? 12:42 min.  Chanowski b.v.     Dutch.

Dick Bruna, Full name: Hendrikus Magdalenus Bruna
( Utrecht 23-08-1927, † Utrecht 16-02-2017)

Nijntje: Lees mee,                     14:33 min.                                                     Dutch.
Nijntje: Ik kan het zelf,                 4:58 min.                                                     Dutch.

Herman van Veen, full name: Hermannus Jantinus van Veen)
(☼ Utrecht 14-03-1945, …)

Alfred Jodocus Kwak: Op vacantie,     23 min. Telecable Benelux,                Dutch.
Alfred Jodocus Kwak: Het ei,               23 min. Telecable Benelux,                Dutch.


Douwe-Jan Rozema

Jorn Idzerda

Piebe Post: Makket d’r wurk fan,        5:23 min. Idzerda & Rozema Projecten, Frisian.
Douwe de Kabouter: GBH yn it bosk, 2:58 min. Idzerda & Rozema Projecten, Frisian.
Spongebob yn it Frysk,                       3:14 min. Idzerda & Rozema Projecten, Frisian.


Hergé real name: Georges Prosper Remi Remi
(☼ Etterbeek, 22-04-1907, † Sint-Lambrechts-Woluve, 03-03-1983)

Kuifje: Kolen in voorraad,            25:12 min.                                                  Dutch.
Kuifje: Naar de maan,                 41:57 min.                                                  Dutch.

Morris real name: Maurice de Bevere
( Kortrijk 01-12-1923, † Brussel 16-07-2001)
René Goscinny a son of jewish refugies from Poland
( Parijs 14-08-1926,  † Parijs 05-11-1977)

Lucky Luke: Vogelvrij,                 24:12 min.                                                   Dutch.
Lucky Luke: De gevaarlijke overtocht, 25:32 min.                                          Dutch.

Willy van der Steen (full name: Willebrord Jan Frans Maria Vandersteen)
( Antwerpen 15-02-1913, † Edegem 28-08-1990)

Suske en Wiske: de Brullende Berg,  25:30 min.                                           Dutch.
Suske en Wiske: de Apenkermis,  25:32 min.                                                Dutch.


René Goscinny a son of jewish refugies from Poland
( Parijs 14-08-1926,  † Parijs 05-11-1977)
Albert Uderzo, born Italian as: Alberto Aleandro Uderzo
( Fismes (Marne) 25-04-1927, … )

Astrix: and Cleopatra,                 1u10 min. colour Dargaud studio,              English.
Astrix: the Gaul,                          1u06 min. colour Dargaud studio,              English.

Peyo (real name: Pierre Culliford)

Smurfen: Het versmurfte paleis, 12:50 min.                                                   Dutch.
Smurfen: Paarse Smurfen,         12:50 min.                                                   Dutch.


Walt Disney 1

Micky Maus: Mixture,                  31:15 min.                                                  Dutch.
Donald Duck: Mixture,                  1u22 min.                                                 Sound.

Walt Disney 2

Tarzan: the Legend,                     20:51 min.                                                English.
Tarzan: the Full movie,                 1u34 min.                                                 English.