Love in the polder

It is wildely known that storks bring people their children. But where come the stork’s babies from? This problem has been finally solved by Dutch photographer Eppo Notenboom. Equipped with a good camera, he lurked in the bushes near the stork’s nest to watch the couple in love (for research purposes, of course). What he saw has been catched in pictures. Let’s hope that Eppo visits the bird’s couple after the birth of their baby, and that the picture of the happy family will be shown in our gallery! Eppo Notenboom is a renown photographer from Rotterdam, who for many years worked for various photo and advertising agencies, and is now an independent photographer. He specializes in panoramas. His photos can be viewed at


bociany przylot

There is something in the air…

bociany 2

First kiss

bociany 3

Can I get a bit more?

bociany 4

She probably likes it!

bociany 5

Well, let’s take all!

bociany 6

A song of the conqueror?

bociany 7

Waiting for baby

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