Scenes from Holland

The Dutch are a nation restrained in their emotions, practical and hardworking. They like to say that they have created the Netherlands by themselves, and it can be easily seen that they care much about their land. For a country of high welfare they know well how to enjoy free time and – in comparison of the other European nations – are a very relaxed society. They love their cows and their small country, but for all they love their children for whom Holland is a very friendly country.

DSC_3088Scenes from daily and unusual days in the life of the Dutch have been immortalized in photos by John Wijntjes who is passionate about photography since childhood. He earned money for his first camera as a teenager, working hard at the shipyard in Pernis, and then he studied photography in the Photo Academy in Apeldoorn. He is currently working for newspapers in the Krimpenerwaard. His photographies can be seen on his web siteHis photographs can be seen on the website:

Bruidspaar gratis winkelen Coop Lkk sept10

One minute of free shopping for newlyweds

Haringparty Barolo Bab jun11

Hering party

IJsbaan Blinkert feb12

Children skating

Koninginnedag Lkk apr12 (3)

The Queens Birthday in Lekkerkerk, 2012

Tijgerkoe Slingerland Lekkerkerk sept10 (3)

A tigre skin, Lekkerkerk

KW school 125 jr Ouderkerk apr12 (2)

125 years, birthday of the school in Ouderkerk

Rivierdag Schoonhoven sept11 (2)

Dutch ladies in Schoonhoven

Intoch sint Krimpen ad IJssel nov12 (4)

Sinterklaas in Krimpen ad IJssel

Lammetjesdagen Lage Weg mrt13

Lamb’s Day in, Lage Weg

Landsingtocht Stolwijk feb12

Adult’s skating, Stolwijk

Tandemtocht Krimpenerwaard jun12 (2)

Tandem biking, Krimpenewaard

Ronde van West aug12 (3)

Children’s race

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